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Golden Syrup - Invert Sugar

Golden syrup is a syrup of approximately 56% invert syrup, 44% sucrose. Molasses or dark treacle has a richer colour than golden syrup, and a stronger, slightly bitter flavor. golden syrups are less likely to crystallize than a pure sucrose syrup. The high fructose content gives it a sweeter taste than an equivalent solution of white sugar; when substituting golden syrup for white sugar, about 25% less golden syrup is needed for the same level of sweetness.

Black Treacle is dark viscous syrup, rich in traditional molasses flavor. It is primarily used for preparing a variety of bakery products like caramels, toffees, fruit cakes, fruit baked goods, treacle scones and sweet pan cakes.

Golden Syrup is used food products such as butter scotch sauce, syrup puddings, treacle tarts and flapjacks. Like all other invert sugars, this helps with increased flavor, longer shelf life, better texture and retaining moisture.

Frequently asked questions about regular invert sugar syrup

Invert sugar syrup is one of the most popular liquid sweeteners available in the market. It is a mixture of Fructose and Glucose, prepared in specialized industrial units and is 25% sweeter than sugar. It is made from regular sugar (also called sucrose). These days many people are moving away from artificial sugars as many studies have shown that they can have side effects, therefore natural sugars like regular white, brown and invert sugars have been gaining more and more popularity in this segment of customers.

There are several types of liquid invert sugars available in the market. The popular ones being Bakery grade, Golden syrup and Pharma Grade. Then there are other types like Distillery grade and Honey grade syrup.

Question: Can Invert sugar be used at home or it is only a commercial product?
Answer: Invert sugar can be very much used as house hold thing provided you keep in cold and dry place, keep the jar tight and you should discard it based on expiry date mentioned on the container, tastes funny or if the mould appears. At home it is generally used in baking or as a crust/topping.

Question: Can I make invert sugar at home?
Answer: Making invert sugar at home is kind of a balancing act, you might have to try several times to get that perfect blend. Here's what you need:
(1) Half pound raw cane sugar.
(2) 1/6 teaspoon of citric acid.
(3) 1 large cup water.
Mix all three of them in a pot and simmer at a low heat and keep stirring. It can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Once it starts to become sticky and golden brown, you are all set. These all seem rather imprecise because it might vary depending on how hot your burners are and quality of sugar being used. I haven't tried making it personally at home.

Question: Is invert sugar very high in calories?
Answer: Invert sugar is about 25% sweeter than regular white/brown sugar, that means you can achieve sweetness in about same proportion by using 25% lesser invert sugar syrup. Now is you consume a lot of invert sugar, then the calorific benefit is lost. Did I answer your question?

Question: Are all invert sugar syrups the same?
Answer: No, there are various grades (mentioned on top of this article). Additionally the quality and taste of Invert sugar can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Question: Are lighter color invert sugars healthier than the darker ones?
Answer: Not necessarily. The natural color of invert sugar is light golden brown, but it can become lighter or darker based on how its made. Invert sugars made from acids are generally less pure than the one made from enzymes.